Bringing the National Park Service to Your Classroom

Teachers, August is coming. Let the National Park Service join your classroom as the new school year begins! There are incredible resources available online, but we always believe in putting your kids right in the middle of things if at all possible. We’ve got several ideas for you whether you want to learn from the classroom or go on a big adventure!

Have Your Kids Become WebRangers!!

This is perfect for a centers option. Each student will prepare their own page and ranger station. Students will get a special virtual patch each time that they complete an activity and other prizes along the way as they work through tasks related to human history, science, people, and more. The student will earn a real patch in the mail when they finish fifteen tasks from the easy, medium, and hard levels. Every core subject is represented in this program, which you have got to love as a teacher. The kids will have fun showing what they know and receiving instant rewards! Check it out on the NPS website!

Prepare Them For A Cool Career!

There is a whole list of books that you can download and have your kids complete as you study caves, archeology, paleontology, and more! Click, print, add it to your lesson, and impress your administrator as you present your Junior Archeologists, Junior Cave Scientists, and Underwater Explorers to the world. Just like the WebRangers program, your students will receive a sweet badge after mailing in their completed work. It was awesome to see our students get excited about their Eclipse Explorer badges last year! You can access the list of books here.

Experience The Parks!

Many National Park Service sites love hosting eager learners and have rangers who are just waiting for the opportunity to share their site with school groups! Rangers will lead your class on hikes or guide you as you make your way through historic places. The best part is that you can usually experience these trips for free or at a minimal cost. Simply pick your NPS site and head to their website for more information. You can find a number of field trip options and educational resources by clicking on the education tab under “Learn About the Park.” We have provided a sample courtesy of Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield.

Try Out Literature Circles!

Our best idea for this right now is a fictional series set in the national parks. The Mysteries in Our National Parks series features books set in at least thirteen of our national parks and is published in partnership with National Geographic. We prefer physical copies of books and bought several of them for our schools this summer, but you can also access digital copies on Epic! if your school uses the program. Give each group a different book and have them work together to further explore their park for final projects! How awesome is it that your kids can increase literacy and learn more about the national parks?!?


We hope that you will be able to use at least one of these fantastic resources in the upcoming school year! Please let us know if you have any questions.


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