Arizona Explorer Junior Rangers!!!

Do you love being a Junior Ranger? Do you think that the National Park Service sites of Arizona are AWESOME? What if we told you that you can be an Arizona Explorer Junior Ranger?!? Just follow a few simple steps to earn your special patch!

1) Pick up the book!

You can call ahead and ask for one of the Arizona NPS sites to send you a book for your upcoming trip or just ask for it at the visitor center when you start your journey.

2) Visit at least four sites.

There are over twenty NPS sites to choose from when you visit the state of Arizona, many of which are in close proximity to each other. There are three sites in the Flagstaff area with several others less than two hours away.

Tell the ranger or volunteer on duty what you learned while visiting their site and have them sign off.

3) Pose for the camera!

Each site has a photo challenge for visitors to complete. We loved seeking out the photo spots and having some fun with them.

4) Show off what you know!

Complete several activities as you travel to the different sites. You’ll be demonstrating knowledge and understanding in areas such as geology and ecology.


Still wondering if this program is for you? Pictures are worth a thousand words! Videos are even better!

Do you have what it takes to be an Arizona Explorer Junior Ranger?!?

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