Finding Cumberland Island

Hop the Ferry for Adventure!

Cumberland Island is one of Georgia’s last WILD places. You can’t just drive on over to the the island. You’re going to have to hop on the Cumberland Queen to start this adventure, so check in and grab your tickets at the visitor center. Adventure awaits!


Grab a Bike!!

Visitors can rent a bike at Sea Camp. Tour groups on the island usually have vehicles, but the rest of have two options: bike or hike. The bike is the answer if everyone in your party can ride and you have a lot of ground to cover.


The Ruins

The Dungeness Mansion was built as a winter home for Thomas Carnegie and his family in 1884. Thomas Carnegie did not live long enough to enjoy the home, but his wife, Lucy, continued to invest in the home and island with several expansions over the years. The mansion’s prime years were before the Roaring Twenties, but we were definitely feeling some Great Gatsby vibes here. Unfortunately, the mansion caught fire in 1959, so visitors are left with a mere ghost story of what once was. You can learn more about the grounds by completing the Junior Ranger program!AE6D8C9E-399B-44F4-838E-361FADF4C3B03EE897F1-C02E-4C8F-BA34-FD0DACA1901F(1)128E138A-350B-4D4A-AF86-FDBCBDE0278BB71D54E6-2133-4A6D-9556-B8CFD5F7118E

Wild Horses


Yep, these horses run wild on Cumberland Island. There’s really not much more that needs to be said. Go see them.


There’s so much more to this beautiful National Seashore. We barely scratched the surface on our visit. Check out our Park trailer for more of our adventure, but, we encourage you to get yourself to Cumberland Island National Seashore and EXPLORE LEARN PROTECT.

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