Passport: Your National Parks app

Find this app to FIND YOUR PARK!

We learned about this app while on the road last year, and we’ve been making use of it ever since. Screenshots from the app have been featured in our Instagram stories a lot lately and have been met with a lot of questions about where the background photos came from or what app this was. We even featured the question of use in a poll and had a large number say that they’re not using it. This is an awesome tool in trip planning for National Parks, so we want to share a little bit about it. The first step is finding the app. Search for Passport: Your National Parks. The image matches the front of your physical copy if you’re using it.8F59B9A0-681D-46F0-A0BC-D45448D6E85A

What can this app do for you?

Every National Park will be at your finger tips.


You can search for NPS units by name, state, region, or proximity to your current location. Once you find the site that you are looking for, you have direct links to important information for that site. We like that we can directly access the Junior Ranger page to preview the books and find out what awaits us. You can also find stamp locations for the physical passports and the stamp year for the site if it has been featured. You also have a direct link to visitor information pages with operating hours and visitor center locations.

Collect Digital Stamps and More!

You can keep track of your visits with digital stamps for each site to provide a nice checklist for sites in your state or region. IT IS AWESOME to scroll through a state and see the “visited” stamp on each site!A9229795-1417-4059-83C6-90B2C64DFEB4

You can also add a description of your visit and your favorite pictures.037134DE-B176-4862-AFFE-920AD9F7F6DE

What are you waiting for?

This incredible tool and scrapbook is waiting for you. EXPLORE LEARN PROTECT…and then put a stamp on it!

3 thoughts on “Passport: Your National Parks app

  1. My husband and I have the National Parks Passport book. It’s like the app but in book form for those of us who can’t navigate apps! 😉 We love it though – just stamped Saguaro National Park in there last week!


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